This Squirrel Has It’s Own Tiny Umbrella To Protect It From The Rain


Photographer Max Ellis has a pretty impressive portfolio and has become an expert at getting wild animals to pose for him. Click here to read the post we wrote recently on his photos of squirrels playing with pumpkins in his back yard. Now he has managed to get a squirrel to pose with a cute little umbrella and bizarrely the little creature seems to know exactly how to use it!


Ok so Ellis isn't some modern-day Dr Doolittle, he coated the umbrella with peanut butter and sunflower seeds to entice the animal to 'use' it. Ellis then patiently waited, even enduring cramp, to get the right shots. The photographer told the Daily Mail…

“Fortunately this one popped out and hung around exploring for about six minutes. As the rain got heavier, he was able to shelter for a bit but eventually gave up and headed off home.”

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