Funny Inventions From People Who Took Creativity To A Whole New Level

Most innovations take years to develop. Of course, inventors usually spend a lifetime of dedication just to come up with a breakthrough. But perhaps you didn’t know that some amazing discoveries are products of mere accidents. From x-rays and penicillin to dynamite and velcro, accidents can also create some of the world’s greatest breakthroughs. After all, you don’t have to be a genius scientist to craft a life-changing invention. Because all you need is a combination of chance and dumb luck. We have gathered some examples of funny inventions from creative people just for you. Then you decide whether their inventions are genius or simply ridiculous.



Why use typical headlights when you can use a radiant stage light?

If you’re too lazy to shove the snow, a flame thrower can do the job quicker.

When you’re told to watch the pies and you don’t want to leave the bed, video stream is the answer.

Feet can do as well as selfie sticks.

Washing dishes while taking a bath. Saves water and time.

The car door won’t close. But that doesn’t stop him from going to work.

When your Mom always forgets where to find MS Office, you better change your wallpaper into this.

Are these people genius or crazy? Are their funny inventions useful or pointless?


Amazing water slide but where’s the pool? Seems like this isn’t a big problem for these people.

Chopsticks can do a whole lot more than just pick up noodles.

This is not your usual fitness transformation story. “My photo in August 2016 and a picture of my friend Harry.”

How to make garbage chute out of garbage bins.

When you’re too lazy to get a new razor.

A do-it-yourself microphone stand will do the trick.

Getting stuck in a traffic jam has never been this fun.

Do sausages taste better if grilled this way?