21 Photos Revealing How Creative People Can Be in Certain Situations

Even if you’re not an artist, you can still be creative. It may not be in on paper or on a canvass, but creativity can also be shown by how people react especially when life gets you in funny situations. Here are 21 Photos Revealing How Creative People Can Be in Certain Situations.

How can you have instagrammable photos when you don’t have a supportive best friend?

Sneaking out through the window has its consequences. Lose some hair, maybe?

When you constantly need to hold somebody’s hand…

The best gift you can gift to anyone is yourself.

Leaving your dog at a friend’s house? Don’t forget to pack up his things!

Just showing how comfortable their furniture can be for anyone, even sharks!

Love cats? Here’s a litter box…don’t worry, that’s cake.

When you only eat natural food to the movies. Corn on the cob is the new popcorn.

Even dogs love to dress up.

A group photo can never happen without a daring photographer in the group.

While everyone else has matching bags and shoes, this guy matches his drink with his outfit.

When you are no longer friends…off with their heads!

She’s heading to Pompeii and had her nails painted with volcanos.

Just keeping the family tradition alive.

When home-decorating is too much, decorate yourself instead.

This is what happens when you miss a family event.

People will remember you for your honesty.

Public seats aren’t all comfortable. Bringing your own couch doesn’t sound so bad!

Watch out boys!

He wanted to have his own laptop, so they got him one.

When you know you have the perfect Christmas tree, you can’t just let it go.