Inventive People Who Had No Choice But Get Creative

People who are highly creative can do great things. But what makes these inventive people stand out from the crowd? They manage to think differently in solving common problems. Their ways of problem-solving may be weird or hilarious, but the ingenuity behind cannot be denied. Their inventiveness encourages other people to think outside the box. Learn from our list of things inventive people do in their very own unique way.


Keeping yourself busy during class. That’s one way to pass the time, I guess.

We’re keeping an eye on you.

Paying for overweight baggage is now just a thing of the past. These inventive people really nailed it!

Calculator theft is rampant in almost every school. Here’s how to prevent your calculators from being stolen.

Not enough space for your wood logs? Problem solved!

Enjoying her favorite sunflower seeds while driving.

There’s no such thing as chairs at the IT department.

A creative person is a problem solver


No ruler, no problem. As long as there’s fork.

This panda wall painting was taken from a former Chinese restaurant. It was later renovated into a Mexican restaurant. The management decided to let the pandas stay and the workers added their own Mexican touch.

This is probably the most creative way to fix car dents on a budget.

You can use your creativity to cover up your poor cooking skills.

This is almost perfect for the inseparable couples who want to do everything together. Really it’s just plain weird, right?

A little bit of creativity can make a kid’s day brighter. This toy fireplace is a total delight.

Seems like they forgot the name.

Fixing a hole in a wooden door is another thriller.