Adorable Dog Snapchats That Will Melt Your Heart

This is what makes them man’s best friend. These proud owners share some adorable dog Snapchats to show how their canine buddies changed their lives for the better. Cats are taking the internet by storm due to their cute Snapchats showing their perky nature. But dogs are not going to just let that slide easily. If cats can do it, dogs can do better. And they are about to prove that they are equally as lovable as their feline-rivals. Not to offend any cat-lovers out there but dogs are definitely the most loyal of all pets. Their dedication and attachment to their owners are proofs that their faith will never falter.



This dog found his calling and he perfectly fits in.

Don’t hold a grudge against me, doggie. This is for your own good.

We come as a package deal so take us or leave us.

Dogs prefer to be touched anyway.

The battle for front-seat supremacy begins.

When your dog misses you so much.

This picture looks so confusing at first glance.

Man’s best friends are ready to take over Snapchat. Here are more inspiring dog Snapchats that will definitely melt your heart.



Those blissful 15 years are his most precious treasure.

A little praise can make one dog’s day a whole lot brighter.

Fear can turn into affection if you’re willing to give it a chance.

Dogs will do anything for your attention.

This sweet dog knows how to comfort his owner in times of trouble.

Some dogs are just too friendly.

It’s a sign from heaven.

Humans are not the only creatures who are born creative.

Let’s teach these people how to take a good selfie!