People Have Been Going Wild For Zoflora’s Midnight Blooms Which Smells Just Like Alien Perfume

If you’re an avid follower of Mrs. Hinch then you probably know that one of her most favorite cleaning products is Zoflora. And whatever Mrs. Hinch does and uses, her fans will follow suit. This explains why her fans went crazy when Zoflora released its latest edition – the Midnight Blooms. But is it really worth the hype?

The famous social media influencer has revealed many different ways to use Zoflora. In some of her cleaning hacks, Mrs. Hinch demonstrated how to use the diluted antibacterial spray to speed clean everything in the house. Amazingly, she even used the disinfectant spray on her work tops as well. This is because Zoflora product doesn’t only banish bacteria but it also leaves a pleasant scent for a fresh-smelling home. The brand has 22 different fragrances to suit your preference. From fresh fruity scents to sophisticated flowery fragrances, your choice of scent is up to you. And when the brand recently released a new fragrance, fans of Mrs. Hinch immediately rushed to the stores to grab one.


The new Zoflora Midnight Blooms Scent

zoflora midnight blooms limited edition

According to the product description, the limited edition scent is a mystical fragrance combining oriental rose and orange blossom with notes of dark amber. Well, it’s kinda hard to imagine how that smells based on the description. But most shoppers would say that the new Zoflora limited edition smells like Thierry Mugler’s iconic perfume Alien. The sophisticated Alien perfume is known for its seductive notes of jasmine, Cashmeran wood and dark amber.

zoflora midnight blooms box


thierry mugler alien perfume


zoflora new fragrance smells like perfume
Thornton & Ross

The new Zoflora comes in 120ml bottle for only £1.50, in comparison with the lavish Alien perfume which will set you back around £80. And if you’re as clever as Mrs. Hinch, you won’t mind spraying this enchanting disinfectant all over your clothes to achieve that same extravagant scent. Make sure to dilute the concentrated disinfectant 1 in 40 with water before use. You can spray it on surfaces to get rid of bacteria, use it as air freshener, or as a descaling solution. Save your £80 and transform your home into a sumptuous paradise with this affordable scented multi-purpose disinfectant.

You can get yours on Amazon or ThorntonRoss.