This Illustrator Brings His Cartoons To life Using Awesome 3D Tricks – Part 1

Some people might think that paper art is boring and simplistic, but we’re about to show you something that will prove this isn’t always the case! Here we present the work of the talented Danish artist ‘HuskMitNavn’ who transforms his black and white drawings by incorporating 3D trickery. His cartoons are brought to life with the awesome techniques he uses and the different perspectives are truly fascinating! Take a look, see what you think and don’t forget to keep an eye out for part two!
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This guy needs a helping hand!

Ice fishing.

Let’s straighten those creases out!

Beware of the crazed mummy!

Nothing to see here, just a polar bear chilling!

Do you want to build a snow man?

Don’t you just hate it when this happens?!

Shouldn’t the toilet roll holder be a little closer to the toilet? Haha!

Banana, anyone?

Did you ever have a fear of being sucked down the plughole?

Beach scene. Good vibes.

Never undo your belt in public!

X-ray of a broken arm!

What will be the fate of Hansel and Gretel?


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