20 Awesome Life Hacks You Wish You Knew


There are many items you probably already have lying around your home that can be used for different purposes other than the obvious choice. Have you ever thought of using a coffee lid as a paint splatter shield? Or using a pair or kitchen tongs for squeezing lemons? Below, you will find many more awesome tips and tricks just like these. They will save you time, money and give you a chance to repurpose some of your everyday items.


magnet glued on hammer holds nails

Glue a magnet to the end of your hammer to stick your nails to. Very handy!


hanger holds cook books

A hanger with a recipe book attached is a fuss-free way to make your favorite meals without getting food splattered all over your book!


make floors silent

Squeak free floors!


wine bottles water plants while on vacation

This is great for when you go on vacation. Add some water to empty wine bottles and place them upside down in plant pots. This will ensure your plants remain hydrated while you're away having fun!


hang heavy items with ease

Hanging a plywood strip on a wall will take a heavier load than you might expect!


unstick a door

Using a planer, shave off a small amount from a wooden door edge to leave enough room for contracting and expanding during hot and cold weather.


replace a broken tile

Removing a cracked tile is easy when you know how. Firstly, get the surrounding grout raked out. Next, cover the surrounding tile edges with protective tape. Then drill evenly spaced holes into the broken tile (as above) and working from the middle out, tap the tiles with a hammer and a narrow tile chisel.


another use for flower pots

Cover picnic food with clean flower pots to keep everything bug free.


coffee lid as paint tin splatter shield

Old coffee lids make great paint splatter shields.


soap pump kids toothpaste dispenser

Messy kids will love this toothpaste dispenser made from a thoroughly cleansed soap dispenser.


cleaning fireplace glass with ease

Wood ash and a paper towel is all you need to clean the glass in your fireplace.



easy peasy lemon squeezy

Strong tongs and a sieve give you perfectly squeezed lemons with no fuss.


spaghetti to light candles

Pasta noodles are handy candle lighters. No more burnt fingers!


stocking and vacuum to find small objects

An old stocking over your vacuum attachment will enable you to pick up little objects such as beads or screws.


soda pop tabs on hangers

Soda pop tabs on hangers give you much more space in your closet.


shower hooks for hanging jeans

Shower hooks are perfect for hanging jeans.


tennis or badminton racket earring caddy

A tennis or badminton racket is a creative way to hang your jewelry.


comb nail holder

Want to keep a nail or screw straight? Just use a toothed comb. Easy!


Pringles pasta store

Clean Pringles tubs are great for storing pasta!


coke toilet cleaner

Pour cola into your toilet bowl and leave for 30 minutes before flushing. Your toilet bowl will be gleaming! (Slightly worrying for your teeth, though!)