This Rail Provider Has An Adorable Way Of Reuniting Lost Toys With Their Owners


There are few things as distressing for a child as losing a favorite soft toy. Leaving a teddy behind on the train could result in days of tears and sleepless nights. But, one UK rail company, First Great Western, has come up with a novel way of reuniting lost and lonely soft toys with their owners: teddy mugshots! That's right, these cuddly toys have had their mugshots taken and they're just adorable. First Great Western then post them up on the Teddy Rescue portion of their website, with the hopes of being able to get these teddies back home. It's such a cute idea that we just can't stop aww-ing. Take a look at these precious mugshots and if you recognize any of these teddies, give First Great Western a shout.

Website: First Great Western Teddy Rescue


I taut I taw a puddy tat….


Poor Paddington bear clearly doesn't have much luck with train stations. We hope he's got a marmalade sandwich under that hat to tide him over?




These three guys are far from home.


This elephant is just adorable. We're sure some child is missing it greatly.



No wonder this bear got lost, he's wearing camouflage!


Best of luck to these teddies for making their way back to their loving homes, and kudos to First Great Western for thinking up such an excellent idea.