The Holographic Hair Look Is Fast Becoming A Trend

Hair-styling has evolved through the years and color has made a huge impact on the so-called ‘hair trends’. Today, usual highlights don’t make you stand out anymore. If you really want to stand out then going for holographic hair is the best route for you. There’s something about the amplitude-modulating pixels in pastel colors that is so mesmerizing. And modern hairstylists were able to put this hypnotizing color pattern onto hair.

The holographic dye has diffused patterns using different tones to achieve a multi-dimensional effect. Its ethereal vibe, which is somewhat magical, will surely make everyone do a double take. A hair color effect that seems to break the spectrum of light – it almost sounds like magic. But Redken colorist Chiala Marvici revealed that it can be achieved through a modern hair color technique called Hand-Pressed Coloring.


Holographic Hair Is The Newest Trend

Marvici introduced the hand-pressed coloring technique back in 2015. This technique is different from foiling or painting where the dye is directly applied to the hair. Instead, the dye is painted on a sheet of plexiglass in an abstract pattern. The colorist then slides the hair over the sheet using a large plastic putty knife to press the dye into the hair. This process results in a subtle, multi-dimensional color effect. By applying the same technique, colorists can achieve holographic color that also gives them the option to create strong or soft results.

The colorist can use different shades to achieve desired results, whether they go for stronger or softer tones. But take note that the stylish effect looks best on light-colored hair like blonde or grey. So if you have dark-colored or brown hair, you may want to ask your colorist to bleach your hair first. The holographic dye will look great on any hairstyle. Not just for ladies, but this trendy color looks good on men too.