Lindt Have Released New Dulce De Leche Flavour Truffles Filled With Creamy Caramel Flavor

The popular Swiss confectionery company is making the whole world drool over its new line of mouthwatering chocolate truffles. People have been raving about Lindt’s yummy truffles, each with their own favorite flavor. But Lindt Dulce de Leche Truffles are one of the favorites. A milk chocolate and caramel combo is always a surefire choice among dessert lovers. But this new flavor will take the creaminess and sweetness of chocolate truffles to a higher level.

Dulce de leche is often mistaken for caramel due to their similarity in flavor and texture. But the key difference between these two is that caramel is made from sugar and water whereas dulce de leche is made from condensed milk. The main ingredient in dulce de leche gives it a creamier, milkier and richer flavor compared to caramel. This is why this confection makes an ideal ingredient in many desserts and pastries. And just like caramel, it also pairs well with chocolate and as filling for truffles. That’s exactly what you’ll get with these Lindt Truffles.


Lindt Lindor Dulce de Leche Truffles

lindt dulce de leche


Each truffle has an irresistibly smooth dulce de leche filling which is then coated in a milk chocolate shell. As soon as the chocolate shell breaks, the luscious filling melts in your mouth to give you a smooth indulgence that only a gourmet confection could give. You can find these delightful goodies at Target stores. If you can’t make a trip to the nearest store, don’t worry because you can have it delivered right to your doorstep. These truffles are available in-store and online for $4.79 per 6-oz pack.

lindt lindor dulce de leche



lindt dulce de leche chocolate truffles


It’s not clear whether this is a limited-edition or a permanent flavor. But it’s better to play safe and stock up on them just in case. Besides, these creamy truffles won’t wait for you on the shelves for too long.




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Lindt Lindor Dulce de Leche! ??? . . Quando eu vi essa delícia no Instagram do @sobremesaprimeiro, não parei de pensar mais nela! ??? Eis que encontrei meio que sem querer querendo no Pão de Açúcar, levei sem nem pensar no preço Hahaha ? ? ? (a emoção falou mais alto que a razão, e depois confesso que caiu uma lagriminha no canto do olho mas enfim hahaha comprei ?) . . Geeeeenteeee, que delícia!!! A começar pelo chocolate, maravilhoso e que derrete na boca! ? . . O recheio é sensacional, não é um sabor de doce de leite puro, é alguma mistura e é puxado pro Caramelo. Geralmente eu não curto tanto doce de leite mais Caramelado, mas mesmo assim, achei ele muuuuito bom, tem um quê de Cappuccino, como se o recheio fosse de Cappuccino de doce de leite ou um Cappuccino de Caramelo Hehe ? Tou simplesmente apaixonada ??? . . Comprei por R$ 62,99 no pão de açúcar (mas o @sobremesaprimeiro me disse, se vc pedir a granel na loja da Lindt sai mais em conta! ?) . . #lindt #doce #docinho #gordice #gordices #lindtLindor #dulcedeleche #docedeleite #lindtlindordulcedeleche #novidade #novo #lançamento #caramelo #chocolate #cremoso

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