Self-Taught Hairstylist Trendafilka Kirova Creates Beautifully Complex Hairstyles

The art of braiding hair has long existed for thousands of years. But has recently making a comeback, thanks to Katniss Everdeen and Daenerys Targaryen. If you want to learn how to make amazing hairstyles such as the likes of Katniss or Khaleesi then the Instagram account another_braid is the page to follow. The creative hairstylist behind the Instagram page is Trendafilka Kirova from Macedonia. There you can find hundreds of hair braid inspirations and easy-to-follow tutorials to achieve the looks.

Before Kirova became one of the most popular hairstylists on social media, she was living quite an ordinary life as a full time accountant and auditor. When she was pregnant with her first child and had to take a leave from work, she decided to find a leisure activity to spend her free time. While she was browsing the internet, she stumbled across some video tutorials on braiding hair that instantly caught her interest. She then began braiding her own hair and learned the basics by starting to do simple braids.


Amazing Hairstyles Featuring Intricate Braids

Her simple fascination for braids soon turned into a passion. After she had learned the basics, she started making more complicated techniques. She was so good at it that she was already creating her own amazing hairstyles without having to watch tutorials. As if she had found her true calling, Kirova created an Instagram account and a YouTube channel where she can share her stunning creations along with simple tutorials on how to make them. She decided to quit her job to become a full time freelance hairstylist.

“I love this art form because it’s limitless and there are no rules to creating it,” she says. “It allows me to express myself in so many more ways than words can. It’s also fun, therapeutic and rewarding. Artistic expression is what colors the world.”



Despite having mastered the most intricate braid techniques, Kirova continues to hone her skills at her own studio where she works on mannequins or hired models. From doing refreshing takes on classic fishtails and infinity styles to intricate Dutch braids, her ever-growing portfolio keeps on featuring amazing hairstyles that seem to belong in a fantasy film.
























Watch one of her tutorials on the video below

Source: Instagram | YouTube