Military Recruiters Reveal Secrets That They Would Never Say Out Loud

The job of a military recruiter can be gratifying and challenging. Recruiters from different armed services play an important role in developing and maintaining the nation’s defense structure by motivating and drafting young men and women to serve in the military forces. It is indeed an honorable task. But military recruiters also have their own secrets that they don’t want other people to know.  Take a look! 

So straightforward…

You can never win an argument with an idiot.

Oooops… I spilled the beans.

Love the job, hate the work.

It’s tough when the job requires you to interact with other people.

It’s all about self-control.

When did ‘lying’ become a profession?

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You can go somewhere else.

It’s the worst feeling…

Someone’s been gossiping…

There’s still hope for the future.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but…

No one wants to do hard work anymore.

Is it time to come out of the closet?

When in the Marines, do as the Marines do.

That’s an honest confession.

Don’t fight temptation, flee from it.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

You can’t help everyone, even if you want to.

Lend me your ears.