Amusingly Strange Things That You Don’t See Everyday

We all have those ‘off’ days when we just can’t be bothered with anyone or anything which can cause us to do strange things. For some, this attitude comes over time. For others, odd behavior is the norm. Here we have some amusing images of things that you certainly don’t see everyday. They might leave us hugely perplexed but we have a certain level of admiration towards them also.

If you aren’t harming anyone, what’s so wrong with writing your own rules in life anyway? Take a look below at some hilarious images of people who have turned not giving a damn into an art form! 

Waiting for her Romeo?

people who dont care woman sitting balcony

When your legs just can’t be bothered anymore…

people who dont care woman shopping cart

Only in Florida.

people who dont care woman on zebra

“Can we get some service here?”

people who dont care woman computer game line

She sets the pace for those around her, literally!

people who dont care road grandma scooter

This guy has the right idea!

people who dont care sleeping guard photo

Spiderman at a Nativity play? Interesting! 

people who don't care spiderman

Provide yourself with some privacy during those long stays at the airport! 

people who dont care tent airport

Channeling his inner Marilyn Monroe.

people who dont care vent man

Making pancakes in class?

people who dont care pancake making in class

Who needs a pop up tent when you have this?

people who dont care musician inside case

Not everyone wants a tiny gadget!

people who dont care man stereo buffet

Must have been a boring lecture.

people who dont care man sleeping lecture

Congratulate that man!

people who dont care man pooped tee

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who follow the rules of society and don’t ever put a foot wrong, and then those who don’t take life too seriously at all! In terms of the latter, you’ve got to admit, there’s an appeal to the lifestyle. We’re definitely taking a pop up tent with us the next time we need to catch a flight! It just goes to show that out-of-the-box thinking has its rewards. So many of us feel we have to conform with the norm so it’s great to see people who’ve retained their sense of individuality. Keep going to view more strange things you don’t see everyday! 

You rock sir!

people who dont care grandpa hells angels

Traveling in comfort…

people who dont care guy armchair truck

Is this guy thirsty or what?

people who dont care kfc bucket refill

We want to join this gym!

people who dont care lady gym cocktail

Casually sitting there with an arrow through his shoulder…

people who dont care man arrow chest

Watch out! We’ve got a rebel on our hands…

people who dont care grandma table sleep sign

And then she was gone…

people who dont care elderly woman wave

She doesn’t care how many people she holds up!

people who dont care elderly woman hold up

Well, this is interesting!

people who don't care elderly couple riding

The guy in the black t-shirt is so good at his job he doesn’t need to dress to impress!

people who dont care dressed down man

“House on fire you say? Oh well!”

people who dont care child swing fire truck

The birthday cake for people who just can’t be bothered.

people who dont care cake large glass candle

He knocked on someone’s door, asked for a banana, and then left.

people who don't care boy banana

An inspirational message.

people who dont care blank board