40 Times People Actually Made Eco-Friendly Ideas A Reality Instead Of Just Talking About It

Our planet Earth is crying for help and everyone can lend a helping hand. All we need is some clever eco-friendly ideas to save the environment.  Everyone can make a difference. And if we really want to change the world for the better, perhaps we should start with ourselves first. Ask yourself what you can contribute to rescue Mother Nature. What if the world leaders consistently turn a deaf ear to our cries? Will we continue to shout and march on the streets until they take action? Of course, the implementation of environmental policies can significantly help the planet reclaim its former glory. But we also need to do our part. Besides, the government and the world leaders are not the only residents of this planet, we all are. Therefore, every citizen has a responsibility to keep this world a clean and safe place to live in.

But how can you do your part as an eco-warrior? There are several things you can do to help save the Earth. Participating in clean-up drives, recycling scraps, reusing plastic materials, saving water, walking or biking instead of taking cars, conserving electricity, and many more. If you really put your compassionate mind to use, you too can come up with clever eco-friendly ideas. No matter how big or small your idea is, it can still make a huge difference. At the very least, executing your ideas into action is far more productive than just talking and convincing other people to take action.

Let these examples of clever eco-friendly ideas inspire you to follow suit. And let these innovative people motivate you to put your objective into action. Besides, actions indeed speak louder than words. Take a look at these clever eco-friendly ideas that will make you realize that it’s never too late to revive our dying planet


“The Cafe At My Closest Beach Gives Free Drinks To People Who Collect A Bucket Of Litter From The Beach”

“Turns Out My Pencil Is Made Of Recycled Newspaper”

“Pen Made Of Recycled Water Bottles Casts A Shadow Of A Water Bottle”

“Instead Of Using Paint For This Parking Lot, This Is How The “Lines” Are Created. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii”

“An Easy Way To Recycle Old Mascara Wands”

Instead of throwing your used mascara wands, you can donate them to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. They can reuse the wands to clean away dirt, mites, larvae, infections and other contaminants from wildlife. Just clean the wand with liquid soap to remove the mascara liquid thoroughly. Place them in a ziplock and mail it to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge P.O. Box 1211 Skyland NC 28776.

“Carlsberg Using Glue To Make Six Packs Instead Of Plastic”

“Got An Event Bracelet That You Can Plant”

“I Found A Hidden Message When I Ripped The Paper Off This Ramen Pot”

An Ice Cream Cup Made Of Banana Leaves

“My Grocery Store Started Selling Overripe Bananas For Cheap With A Recipe For Banana Bread On The Bag”

“You Can Charge This Battery With A Micro USB”

“Refill Station At Simon Fraser University, Canada”

This Notebook Is Made Of Stone

“This Cup Is Made From Plant Starch, Not Plastic”

“My Pencil Has Seeds On The Tip, So When It’s Too Small To Use It You Can Plant It And A Tree Will Grow Out Of It”

“This Makes Me Incredibly Happy, And More Inclined To Shop Here More Often”

“My University Makes Notepads Out Of The Recycled Paper And Hands Them Out To The Students”

“Recycled Cardboard Used As An Alternative To Bubble Wrap”

“Single-Use Cutlery And Straws From Avocado Seeds”

“This Japanese Toilet Refills Through A Sink In The Top So You Can Rinse Your Hands And Re-Use The Water”

“This Super Market Had Tiny Paper Bags Instead Of Plastic Containers To Reduce Waste”

“You Bike To Keep The Outlet Going, To Recharge Your Devices”

“Every Day After Closing, This Local Bakery Leaves Out A Bag Of Their Unsold Pastries That People Can Take From Freely Instead Of Throwing Them Away And Make Unnecessary Waste”

“The Bowling Alley In My Neighbourhood Tore Up Old Lanes And Used Them To Renovate The Washrooms”

“My Local Coffee Shop Gives Free Compost Made From Their Used Coffee Grounds”

“I Bought A Pack Of Cigarettes And They Came With A Postage Paid Recycling Pouch”

“My Shoes Came With A “Handle” Rather Than Being Packed In A One Time Use Bag”

Throw And Grow Confetti

“A New Question Is Up On Our Cigarette Voting Bin On Villiers Street”

“Disposable Bowl Made Out Of Nothing But Three Pressed Leaves, Sturdy Despite Being Fastened Together With Just A Small Bamboo Pin. Used By Street Food Vendors In India”

Eco-Friendly Eggs Packaging

“The Water Taps At This Cafe Drip Onto Plants To Not Waste Water”

“They Had A Bike At My School To Blend A Smoothie That They Were Handing Out At Lunch”

“This Office Is Made Up Of Old Shipping Containers”

“This Steel Gate Made Up Of Pliers”

“This Coffee Cup Is Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds”

“This Sketchbook Made From Real Recycled Circuit Boards”

“My New Dentist Has Their Forms Laminated To Reduce Paper Waste By Simply Plugging In And Wiping Off”

Resealable Cans Of Water

“The Paper Tag Attached To My New Pan Can Be Planted To Grow Herbs”

“My School Fights Littering By Installing Basketball Hoops Above Trash Cans”

“This Bag Of Old/Stained Face Towels Have Been Re-Used As “Rags” At This Hotel”

“This Sink Counter At A Brewery Is Made With Recycled Beer Bottles”

“The Beach I’m At Has A List Of Commonly Found Garbage And How Long It Takes For It To Decompose”