Hilarious Things From People with A Good Sense of Humor

Everyone has different degrees of sense of humor, and there are those who can pull-off hardcore pranks and hilarious things that people take photographs of to share with others. Luckily, here is a compilation of clever and funny photos. So, just sit back and relax and get a good laugh out of these hilarious pranks!

When customer service is just being polite and honest.

The dentist won’t be happy about this…

People should start caring about the adults too. After all, we all just want to live.

A perfect representation of not only how dark people’s sense of humor can get, but also their soul.

Every occasion needs balloons… It won’t be hard for them to get the message.

Will never get used to the pain.

At least they know the quality of what they’re getting.

People are just trying to make a living.

Pulling-off one last hilarious prank before leaving the hotel.

One way to make sure no one gets their hands on your favorite mug.

Hilarious pranks can happen to anyone, even to dinosaurs!

I’m too old to even have time reading this list.

Happiness can come in different forms. It’s just a matter of preference.

They say that evil is just around the corner…who knew it would just be in your vegetable bin.

That is why original copies are always best.

A very rare find indeed.

Well, well, well… how the tables have turned.

It is definitely hard to ever figure out what rats are thinking.

All things considered, we can now obviously see why.

On the positive side, at least crossword puzzles are fun