Stories From Babysitters That Will Make You Think Twice About Who You Leave Your Kids With


Finding good childcare can be tough, whether you need a full-time nanny or simply someone to watch your kids for a couple of hours while you have some grownup time. Unless you have a nanny cam, you can’t ever really know how they treat your kids when you’re not there. And, even if they treat them perfectly well, you still don’t know if they actually enjoy babysitting and like your children or if they’re just doing it for the cash. These thirteen slightly disturbing stories from babysitters will definitely make you think twice about who you leave your kids with!



They might be tempted to snooze on the job.


Swearing and bribery in one nifty package!


Who’s to know where your babysitter snoops when you’re not there?


Although this is probably harmless, it’s a little bit worrying, too.


Livin’ the good life, babysitter style.


Maybe your babysitter’s just using your kids as an effective form of contraception.


This is pretty mean!


Nobody wants to leave their children with someone who hates them.


Aw. Poor kid. We guess they shouldn’t have been rude, though!


We hope this isn’t before the kids are even in bed.


Are you just paying your babysitter to watch Netflix?


You might not even be able to trust your parents to be good babysitters.


It’s pretty worrying if your babysitter is using your kids to attract guys.

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