People Who Only Had One Job And Still Messed It Up

Some people had one job to do and they still find ways to mess it up. The outcome is so hilariously bad that’s it’s impossible to believe they did not notice. Even skilled professionals make mistakes. But when one fails a job so miserably, people can’t help but poke fun at the result. Many of these terrible job fails are captured on photos that show how people just run away from their horrendous mistakes instead of fixing them. We have gathered the funniest epic fails from people who had only one job but failed miserably.



When did Africa change its name to Asia?

Watch your heads, kids!

The automated teller machine could not be reached. Please try again later.

A traffic light that doesn’t want to be seen.

What’s the point of this?

The instruction to the confectioner was clear: Copy the image from this flash drive.

And pink is the new green.

How to determine if a food service crew hates you.

Here are more of the funniest epic fails showing what happens when things get out of control.


Pikachu has evolved so much.

One reporter forgot a recorder.

Nothings stands in my way.

How on earth can stairs put out a fire?

Anna has turned into the dark side.

A stairway to nowhere.

Your journey has come to a dead end.