Hilarious Pranks That Prove Siblings Can Be Savage

Many people who grew up as only child would have longed to have siblings in their life. This is completely understandable as growing up with brothers and sisters to play with and be there for you in adult hood can be wonderful. But, as you get older, sibling rivalries and pranks can go so totally out of control, sometimes you might wish you had been an only child! Here we have a selection of hilarious pranks that prove siblings can be savage. Some are worse than others, but, each is brilliant in its own way.

Sibling Jokes

The recipient of this gift was given it by their younger brother. It was the first year the little dude had given a gift to his older sibling!

We wonder how long this little girl stayed in that position?

Siblings can be so weird…

When your sibling rats you out to your dad for being at a party…

This would not be a fun game!

Younger brothers always think they are so clever!

This is going to go down wonderfully!

This person’s sibling hid their science project in a sea of folders. Hopefully they figured out to use the search function!

This girl’s brother got her big time…

This girl complained to her brother that yoga wasn’t making her lose weight. He responded with this!

How utterly disappointing. Well played!

Because who doesn’t want to receive a potato in the mail?

Gift wrap courtesy of a mechanic! 

This was well worth the effort put in we’d say!

There really is some great inspiration here if you’re looking to prank your sibling(s). We would love to see some of the retaliations that resulted from these images, we bet there was some serious payback! The relationships between siblings truly are unique and special. It’s like, you love each other with all your heart, but, you also have absolutely no issue with making each other suffer. Keep going to see more hilarious images that prove siblings can be utterly savage!

What an annoying way to pay back someone who lent you money!

If Netflix account names were truthful…

When your sister asks you to save a newspaper from the date of her wedding day…

A sibling war going to new levels…

The owner of these sneakers asked their little brother to send them pictures of their new shoes…

Another cheeky younger brother who trolled their sibling by making them a playlist…

The person responsible for this plate of food has a brother who had to work on thanksgiving. The brother asked their sibling to save him a little bit of everything…

‘Where’s your sister?’

Just what you want to come home to…

This girl is a vegan. She has passed out after drinking. The burger has been planted by her sibling. We would have loved to have seen her reaction!

When you replace a picture of your sister with Vladimir Putin and no one notices…

When your brother offers you some watermelon on a hot day. Would you be impressed or fuming?

This guy looks like a lot of fun!

This is a next level commitment to pranking…

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