11 Lessons From “Archer” On How To Avoid People


There's probably not very much that you should try to learn from the gloriously offensive TV show Archer, but if you want to know how to avoid people then you're in luck. If there's anywhere you can get a masterclass in repelling and otherwise avoiding people, then it's by watching a few episodes of Archer. Each character seems to have their own methods, so there's lots to learn! Check out these eleven lessons from Archer on how to avoid people and see if you pick up something useful!


If you need an emergency escape, an imaginary smoke bomb is always a viable option.


Unnerve people with the way that you structure your sentences, and they'll soon start avoiding you.


If you don't want to do a project at work, just "politely" explain why it might not be a great idea.



Don't underestimate the power of saying something unforgivably offensive in getting people to leave you alone.


Then there's always the subtle approach…


Pretending you're a hologram will at least confuse people for long enough that you can make your exit.


If you want to avoid your work colleagues, just start keeping weird stuff in the communal fridge.


There's always the option of simply building a fort and not letting anyone else in.


If you want people to leave your home, offer to show them the more "eclectic" side of your DVD collection.


Of course, the direct approach is generally effective, too.


Just be sure to make it clear how little you give a damn.

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