Japan Takes Building A ‘Snowman’ To A Whole New Level Of Awesome

The arrival of snow for many people is a wonderful thing. It might cause a little (or a lot) of inconvenience, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some people are lucky enough to get a day or two off from school or work and everyone gets in the spirit for having some fun. One country that has nailed making the most of snow is Japan. Heavy snowfall has landed there and the locals are showing what they’ve got when it comes to building epic sculptures. Take a look! 


Attack On Titan!


Carp Boya!


Chinese dragon!


A toilet!

Pooh Bear and his pot of honey!



A mini museum of various creations!

A snow angel!

We’re sure that you’re already impressed, but there’s even more to come! In case you weren’t aware, it’s not actually unusual to see high standards of snow sculptures in Japan. The country has its own annual ‘Sapporo Snow Festival’ where thousands of visitors attend to judge their favorite creations. Thankfully though, it seems there is more than enough snow going around at the moment for people everywhere to have some fun. Keep going to see more epic sculptures!

No-Face is watching you!

Snoopy chilling!




Mini Baymax!

Titan Of Colossus!


Pikotaro! Pinapple pen is stuck in our heads now!

Mini Ohmu!

No-Face wants a hug!


Mini snowman!