These Reasons That People Are Waiting To Break Up With Their Partners Will Shock You

It’s inevitable in life that not every relationship you enter will be successful. For whatever reason(s), sometimes people just want out of a situation. However, for some people, it’s not a simple case of just ending the relationship as soon as they know want to be single. Here we have an interesting and rather shocking list of reasons and excuses from various people on why they are waiting to break up with their significant others. Take a look and see what you think!
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This is plain mean.

We would probably have to say it does…

It doesn’t sound like this person has any friends and it sort of makes sense if this is how they treat people!

We can see a bit of consideration in this situation. 

How awful!

What a terrible reason to string someone along…

So, you’re using him, in a nutshell. 

Surely you can just ask for the hoodie?

He probably deserves a heads up so you can both sort out where you will live!

If it was a good relationship maybe you could still see the dog..?

Brutal! But, we don’t have any pity for cheaters.

We sort of understand this one. People can be spiteful after break ups and you don’t want to lose what’s rightfully yours.

This sounds easy enough..?

So, she’ll make great memories of the holiday and then get dumped. Nice!

Some of these reasons have got us really sad for the people involved. Of course, it’s never nice to feel trapped and no one should ever be forced to stay in a situation where they don’t want to but equally to that stringing people along who don’t deserve it is just awful! And, even worse than that, using people for gifts, money or simply so the person who wants to end the relationship isn’t alone is just not right. We do sympathize with the people who got cheated on, however! Keep going to read more shocking reasons!

We wonder what the outcome was here…

It’s not nice to use people! Go with a friend!

We don’t condone stringing someone along but no one should be sad during the holidays.

And, what if she doesn’t?

This is a tricky one. He has betrayed you but the money is both of yours so this all depends on what morals you have.

People need to communicate more…

We’re sorry that this person feels so trapped.

This is kind.

We hope the raise came quickly so the boyfriend was set free!

What a sad situation. 

You should be sorry!

No one likes being alone, but being used is far worse.