Champagne Popsicles Are Becoming A New Trend That I Can Definitely Get On Board With

How are you dealing with the quarantine period? We’ve all got our ways of enjoying this unprecedented free time that we’ve got to spend indoors. Some of us may be happy to simply hang out with family and pets in the meantime, but some are busy planning for when the pandemic is officially declared over. I don’t know about you but hosting a brunch party with some champagne popsicles sounds like a great way to mark that glorious day!

We may have just welcomed spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start making plans for summer! It’s good to have things to look forward to! And we all know that popsicles are a must-have during the summer season. But if you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to stay cool when the temperature rises, then your best bet are these popsicles. Your mid-day chiller can’t get any fancier than this!

Champagne Popsicles


Upgrade your summer treat game with champagne popsicles using the Sophistipops mold

Of course, you can use that popsicle mold you’ve made countless other lollies in to make these. But then, where’s the fun in that? These popsicles shouldn’t look like regular popsicles. They are, after all, the leveled up version of the quintessential summer treat! Luckily, making these classy boozy frozen treats won’t be too hard with the Sophistipops Prosecco Ice Lolly Molds.


“Indulge yourself with a frozen treat that exudes high class and sophistication. These Sophistipops are easy to make and come out full of flavor!”

Sophistipops packaging


empty champagne popsicle mold

The Sophistipops features four prosecco glass-shaped molds. Each mold has its own ‘prosecco glass stem’ handle for you to pull and hold on to while you’re enjoying your champagne treat. All you have to do is pour your drink of choice in the mold and let it chill in the freezer.

The wine glass stem is plastic. Some find this to be an issue, but honestly we think it’s a safe choice… no chance of shattering glass here! Get yours here.