The Hexa Robot Will Chase The Sun To Keep Your Plant Happy

When robotic technology was first introduced, we already envisioned that robots will do most of the labor in the future. There’s the robot maid that can clean your house and even make you a cup of coffee. Then there’s the robot chef that can cook and prepare your dinner. In addition to these, there’s also the robotic shopper that can do the shopping in your stead. But you probably haven’t heard about a robot gardener that can automatically take care of your plants.

hexa robot gardener

Vincross introduces Hexa, your dream robot gardener that is programmed to nurture the succulent plant on its head. Naturally, succulents require sufficient sunlight and adequate water to live. However, those that are planted in the shade can’t possibly move where the sun is. Moreover, there’s no way that plants can communicate with us to let us know that they need water. Hexa is the ultimate solution for all your plants’ needs. It moves the plant to the sun and takes it back to the shade when necessary. If you forgot to water the plant, this robot will perform an adorable stompy dance to get your attention.

hexa robot six legs

Hexa was initially designed to be a multipurpose robot that can execute a lot of chores. But the inventor / CEO of Vincross, Tianqi Sun, decided to modify the program a bit. Instead of a multitasking robot, Hexa’s program solely focuses on providing mobility to plants. Tianqi Sun got the idea when he noticed a sunflower withering away under a shade. “Plants are passive. No matter if they are being cut, burned or pulled from the earth, they hold still and take whatever is happening to them. They have the fewest degrees of freedom among all the creatures in nature.”, he explains.

Vincross unveils Hexa, a reliable robot gardener that can take care of your succulent plants

vincross hexa robot

Equipped with six durable and agile legs, this robot gardener can navigate in any direction. It is designed to be nimble so it can dexterously avoid any obstruction on its path. Furthermore, it has two sensors that act as its set of eyes. The distance sensor and infrared sensor provide Hexa a real-time detection of objects in its field of view. It also comes with a 720p camera with night vision so you can also utilize it as a watchdog at night. But that’s not all. This robot gardener can communicate through Wi-Fi and can act as an access point. Charging can be done in two ways – cable charging and wireless charging. After 2 hours of full charging, it can last up to 4 hours.

hexa robot gardener by vincross

Are you still considering adding more gnomes into your garden? Probably not. Why put stationary decorations when you can opt for a reliable robot gardener instead? Get your own Hexa for $949 and let it take care of the plants for you.

Source: Vincross

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