The ‘ExoLung’ Is A Scuba Rig That Lets You Breathe Underwater For As Long As You Want

If you’re fond of underwater adventures then not being able to indefinitely breathe underwater is probably one of your biggest problems. So, we’re happy to introduce ExoLung, an innovative alternative to limited-duration diving tanks. It’s compact, lightweight and most importantly, it doesn’t require any recharging or refilling at all. This Austrian startup brand might have the ultimate solution to the ever-recurring diving dilemma.

As the name suggests, this revolutionary diving rig works just like a pair of exterior artificial lungs. Basically, it’s a much simpler extension to the usual ABC kit which consists of fins, a mask and a snorkel. The concept behind it is pretty much similar to snorkeling. Divers draw air from their surroundings, instead of taking it with them in the form of a compressed air tank.

ExoLung Prototype



ExoLung Components


ExoLung Complete Set


Diver Equipped with ExoLung


How Does It Work?

Underwater Test for Unique Foot-powered Scuba Diving Gear

This unique underwater buoyancy and breathing device uses body motion and power to draw air from the surface. It features an air supply hose connected to an inflatable floating buoy. The buoy serves as a safety restraint for the diver and a signal of his presence to other boaters. The 5-meter air supply hose then connects the buoy to an air bell with a flexible diaphragm. The air bell is attached to the diver’s feet, via some adjustable leg straps.

Unique Foot-powered Scuba Diving Gear


Inflatable Diver's Signal Buoy


ExoLung Diving Test in a Pool

When the diver extends his legs, he draws down air from the surface. In turn, he is able to displace water from the air bell. As he retracts his legs, water compresses the air in the air bell. He can then inhale this air effortlessly. The idea is to synchronize one’s breathing to one’s movements to get a constant air supply.

ExoLung Air Bell

Applying the same principles as free diving, the key to reducing oxygen demand is by relaxing the body. Nonetheless, all it takes is to just keep swimming to produce oxygen. This foot-powered diving rig allows users to dive up to 5 meters. Although it doesn’t require any diving certification before use, it does require basic knowledge of compressed air diving.

The device comes in four style variants, each weighing 3.5kg. All variants include a 5-meter hose, except for the Pro Breather variant which includes a 7-meter hose. Suggested retail price ranges from 300 Euros to 500 Euros.


Style Variants

Yoga Style Variant


Hydra Style Variant


Abyss Style Variant


Pro Breather Style Variant

Unfortunately, the product is still in its final prototyping phase. As per the brand’s website, they’re still looking for an industry partner to help manufacture and market this unique device.


Watch these promotional videos to learn more about ExoLung and to see it in action



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