12 Spooky Photos That Will Make You Want To Hide Under The Covers


We’re not entirely sure why, but people seem to love to scare themselves silly. It might be due to the adrenaline rush or that funny feeling you get when you see something spooky, but whatever the reason, we’re here to indulge you. We’ve got a collection of creepy images that are enough to haunt your nightmares for days. Whether or not you really believe the the supernatural, these pictures are still pretty freaky! So, check out these twelve spooky photos that will make you want to hide under the covers and not come out until morning.



Don’t try to tell us that’s a normal girl!


At first glance this is a regular family photo, but then…. eek!


If you saw this sight when you pulled over on the roadside, you’d definitely keep on going.


We’re not sure what’s happening here, but we don’t like it.


We know this is a mask, but it’s still spooky.


You wouldn’t want to see a figure like this in real life.




This is not someone you’d want to bump into in your hallway.


People shouldn’t float. Nope.


The same goes for these guys.


Look closely and you’ll see something in the background.


Right, that’s it… we’re going to bed with the lights on tonight…

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