Herr’s Peppermint Puffs Are A Festive-Flavored Snack With A Crunch

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear “peppermint”? Candy? Tea? The holiday season? These associations are perfect, since peppermint is a quintessential holiday flavor. And this year, Herr’s is getting into the holiday spirit by releasing Peppermint Puffs! Yes, that’s right you can now casually munch on peppermint-flavored snack balls throughout the holiday season with this Herr’s offering.

Herr’s never fails to surprise us with their crazy flavors. However, the minty puffs aren’t exactly a super new offering. But the crazier thing about this flavor is the fact that its managed to stay under our radar for so long! Sources say that this holiday-inspired flavor has been on store shelves for several years already. This revelation’s bound to baffle some snackers, but at least we now know that Herr’s has a peppermint-flavored snack in existence.

Herr's Peppermint Puffs


Get into the holiday spirit with Herr’s Peppermint snack balls


“Herr’s has swirled sweet peppermint into an oh-so-satisfying crunchy puff to create a snack that will thrill your taste buds and delight your senses with every delicious crunch.”






With the white ball-shaped puffs dotted with bright red speckles, its resemblance to the holiday candy is unmistakable. All that’s really left for you to do is pop a Peppermint snack ball into your mouth and figure out if Herr’s got the peppermint flavor down. But since the brand’s been doling out plenty of other candy-flavored snacks like their Cotton Candy puffs, we’ve got a good feeling about this seasonal flavor.

Walmart’s got the Peppermint flavor listed on their website, however, its currently unavailable. Aside from Walmart, Five Below has also been known to carry the offering. You’d better keep your eyes peeled for this flavor when you start shopping for the holidays!