Dr Pepper Have Released A Cherry Dessert Topper And It’s The Drizzle Your Ice Cream Deserves

A bowl of your favorite ice cream is wonderful. But putting a cherry on top makes it more wonderful. Only this time, we will not be putting a single cherry on top of our ice cream. But we’ll be drizzling cherry syrup on it instead. Fans of Dr Pepper are going to love this Cherry Dessert Topper that will give a whole new level of sweetness to your desserts.

You can use it as a topping for ice cream, cakes, cookies, or even fried Twinkies. Regardless of you dessert preference, you can never go wrong with adding this Dr Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper. The fruity syrup has the amazingly smooth taste of Dr Pepper Cherry. If you want to level up your favorite desserts, this cherry-flavored syrup can jazz it up for you. Luckily for you, it is available today in a 12-oz bottle that comes with a no-mess cap.

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Dr Pepper
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Dr Pepper

In case you’re wondering, this is not a newly-released product from Dr Pepper. In fact, this Cherry Dessert Topper has been on the market for 10 years. And if you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance to sweeten up your dessert even more. Once you tried it, you might be asking yourself what you have been doing for the last 10 years.

This chocolate-looking syrup currently has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars with one customer saying:

“I should have bought a case. I love this stuff on ice cream!”

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Get yours today and try it for yourself. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.