This Multi-Functional Wrench Doubles As A Tactical Knife

Nothing beats multifunctional tools. That is why we’re committed in bringing you the best multifunctional tools available on the market. And guess what we have in store for you today – the Tactical Wrench Knife, a functional wrench with a spring-assisted open folding pocket knife. Hence, you can use this convenient tool as a wrench and as a pocket knife.

This knife features a combination-type wrench in which both ends have two different types of wrench. One end is an open-ended wrench while the other end is a box-ended wrench. Use the open-ended wrench to loosen or tighten hard-to-reach nuts and bolts. But if you have to deal with square or hexagonal bolts, the box-ended wrench should do the trick.


Multifunctional Tactical Wrench Knife

titanium military-style multifunctional tool gray

In addition to the functional combination-type wrench, this tool also has an integrated folding pocket knife. The plain edge blade measures 3 inches long that you can easily access through a spring-assisted opening mechanism. Simply push on the thumb stud to allow the spring to propel the blade open. This military-style knife also makes use of a liner lock to keep the blade in place. So, it won’t budge a bit when you use it. You’ll need to push the liner lock down to close the blade.

titanium military-style multifunctional tool liner lock


tactical wrench knife gold


tactical wrench knife blue


tactical wrench knife rainbow

The wrench is made from durable titanium while the blade is made from stainless steel.  All in all, this knife measures 7.5 inches long with the pocket knife open. It also has double studs for ambidextrous open options. Furthermore, it comes with a belt clip for easy carry. You can choose from 4 different color options to suit your taste. It is available in Blue, Gold, Gray and Rainbow colors. One happy buyer wrote:

“This is really a cool knife. It is spring assisted and very sharp. The blade is very solid and the knife is well-built. The coolest thing about it is that the 14mm wrench is the perfect size for snugging down and loosening 8mm quick links. These are very commonly used in rock climbing, rappelling, canyoneering, and I assume many other applications.”

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titanium military-style multifunctional tool rainbow

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