Your Cats Will Approve Of These Hanging Macrame Cat Hammocks

It’s no secret that felines come with a ton of adorable and sometimes baffling quirks. There are clingy cats then there are those who’d throw a fit if you ever try to touch them. Whatever their personalities and quirks may be, we’re pretty sure that all cats enjoy surveying their little kingdom from the highest vantage point they can find in your home. Most cat owners invest in cat towers to keep their furry friend happy. But if space is a bit of an issue for you at the moment, why not opt for hanging cat hammocks instead?

These cat hammocks are handcrafted by Etsy store Macramebeautiful. And they don’t just offer the suspended cat perch in one pattern, but two patterns. One features a pattern of falling leaves and the other has a floral pattern. Both cat hammocks can be fitted with a cushion to make your kitty’s perching place extra cozy. You can clearly see how Macramebeautiful’s fuzzy feline models are liking their suspended hangout. It’s definitely going to be the perfect addition to any modern bohemian-themed home!

leaf and flower-patterned hanging cat hammocks side by side


These suspended macramé cat beds come in two patterns

detail shot of the natural white leaf-patterned hanging cat hammock


detail shot of the natural white flower-patterned hanging cat hammocks


You can even pick a color or request one for personalization

available colors for the hanging cat hammocks


These hanging cat hammocks will make a cozy and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home

Macramebeautiful handcrafts each and every one of their cat hammocks with pure and soft cotton cords. With this material, you won’t need to worry about your precious feline friend inhaling any bad or potentially hazardous scents. And while their natural white macramé hammocks look absolutely eye-catching, the Etsy shop offers a whole rainbow of other colors for you to choose from like red, yellow, light yellow, green, mint green, cinnamon, gray, black, blue and navy blue.

With all these color choices, you can definitely pick one to match your aesthetic! Of course, if these existing options don’t satisfy your needs, you can always opt to have a customized macramé perch for your pet – just let Emma, the shop owner, know!

white cat curls up while inside the hanging macrame cat bed


ginger cat relaxes inside one of the hanging cat hammocks

All the hammocks measure 15.74 inches wide and 43.3 inches long starting from the wooden hanger down to the tassels. Unfortunately, you’ll have to provide your own cushion, as the Etsy shop doesn’t sell the hammock and cushion as a set. You’ll need to get a round cushion that’s 15.74 inches or 40cm wide, to match the hammock’s diameter.

Each macramé cat perch will come carefully wrapped in tissue paper inside a sturdy box that’s sure to keep your item safe until it reaches your doorstep. In addition to the macramé hammock, Macramebeautiful will also provide you with a stainless-steel hook so you can put it to good use right away! We’ve got a feeling that your cat will never want another perch ever again…

Source: Macramebeautiful