Dunkin’ Is Testing New Bubble Tea Drinks With Strawberry Bubbles

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s and it has become a major hit in Asia since then. Today, the popular drink has made its way around the world. Dunkin’, one of America’s most beloved chains, has decided to join in the craze by launching its first ever bubble tea.

But before you go running to the nearest location, let us inform you beforehand that these new drinks are still on the testing phase. The coffee and donut chain is testing out its bubble tea drinks in select locations. And if you want to know more about these sensational drinks and where to get them then read on.


Dunkin’ Popping Bubble Iced Tea and Refreshers

dunkin bubble tea drinks

The brand has introduced the Popping Bubble Iced Tea and Popping Bubble Refreshers, along with other refreshing drink items. The Popping Bubble Iced Tea features the chain’s classic iced green tea mixed with strawberry popping bubbles. If you’re not familiar with popping bubbles, these are basically tapioca pearls filled with fruit juice or other flavors. So when you chew each bubble, the juice inside bursts in your mouth for an explosion of flavor. In this case, the chewy tapioca bubbles are filled with strawberry juice.

The Popping Bubble Refreshers, on the other hand, features the popular Refreshers with strawberry popping bubbles. While the Refreshers are made with iced green tea, flavored fruit concentrate and B vitamins. So, you’ll get more fruity goodness with this bubble tea version. Both bubble tea drinks are served with an extra-wide bubble paper straw.



The chain will be testing these new drink items at Massachusetts locations on a limited run this summer. News site MassLive released the complete list of the new drink items along with the exact locations where you can find each drink. The new drinks should appear on the trial menu at select locations from July 1st to August 18th.