11 Creative Ways To Use Your Leftover Champagne


'Tis the season to be jolly, and 'tis also the season when many a champagne cork is popped! While perhaps the majority of bottles are consumed totally, sometimes there's that decent bit leftover following a party. It seems a shame to just pour it away, especially if you've shelled out top dollar for it. Well, champagne-lovers, never fear, as there is plenty you can do with leftover champagne. Check out these 11 ideas and get creative with your leftover drinks.


Add it to your bath for a luxurious, extra fizzy experience as you soak.


Add some champagne to your donut mixture for a real easy holiday treat.


Make a tasty drink called a Granita. You'll simply need champagne, sparkling wine, syrup, and fruit juice.


You can make use of flat champagne in a tasty risotto.


Soak strawberries in leftover champagne before coating them in chocolate for an extra delicious champagne flavored treat.


Mix champagne with distilled water to create a shine-inducing hair treatment.


Mix your leftover champagne with orange juice to create a yummy Mimosa.



Freeze your leftover bubbly in an ice cube tray and use to make delicious fruity brunch drinks for the morning after.


Turn your leftover champagne into vinegar. Simply place the champagne in the jar, cover it with cheesecloth and store in a cool, dark place for one to six months.


Make some yummy pink-colored champagne cupcakes with your leftover champagne.

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Don't waste a good amount of perfectly good bubbles. For champagne that's not too far gone, pop a raisin in the bottle and re-cork it for later.

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