15 Heartwarming Wedding Photos Of Elderly Couples That Prove It’s Never Too Late To Find The One


When you picture those newly married, you're likely imagining a young or at least youngish couple, potentially with decades of partnership ahead. But though it's true that weddings are more popular amongst the 20 and 30 something crowds, they do also take place in the lives of those with a much more mature-minded outlook. I guess if you've found your true love, age doesn't really come into it. Check out these super cute wedding shots of elderly couples…they're sure to warm your heart:


An elderly couple getting married.

Larry and Florence Stahl met in a retirement home.

Jose Riella (103) finally married Martina Lopez (93), eighty years after they met.

Britain's oldest bride and groom were married after a whirlwind one month courtship.

Both widowed, this mature couple dated for five months before marrying.

Seventy five years after their first kiss, this couple tied the knot.

After a full 48 years of divorce, this couple, both 85, decided to give it another shot.

This bride celebrated her wedding day the same day as her 100th birthday!



Ninety eight year old Ted finally marries sweetheart, Jean.

This elderly couple are super cute on the wedding day.

Just Married: Wheelchair style… this couple are aged 94 and 86.

Married in a rush prior to WWII, this couple finally got the chance to properly celebrate.

The bride in this wedding photo is 103, the groom a mere child at 101!

Vivian, 91 and Alice, 90, finally enjoy their long dreamed of wedding day.

This love, between married couple Alton Nichols, 91 and Betty Hall, 84, blossomed at a senior living complex.

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