9 Majestic Maine Coon Cats You Should Be Following On Insta

Majestic and glamorous, Maine Coon cats are also reputed for their intelligence, playful, and gentle personality. This is why this cat breed is often cited as the ‘gentle giants’ of the feline kingdom that often have dog-like dispositions. So it’s no surprise that in the recent years, the breed had steadily claimed the second place as the most popular purebred cat in the world, just falling behind the Persian cat by a whisker.

Apparently, the popularity of Maine Coon cats has gotten as far as social media. On Instagram, in particular, the name ‘petfluencers’ is used to describe adorable pets that have gained a huge following. And of course, some of the most popular feline petfluencers are Maine Coons considering how popular they are as pets. Well, they’re not ranked second place as the world’s most beloved cat breed for nothing, right? And if you’re as fascinated by these fluffy giants as we are then you really need to check out these majestic kitties on Instagram.


Maine Coon Cats

But before we give you the list of the cutest Maine Coon cats to follow on Instagram, let us first learn more about this magnificent feline breed. From the name itself, this breed hails from Maine where the breed itself has become the state’s official cat. They are notably known for their large size and distinctive physical appearance which made them popular mousers, farm cats, and ship’s cats in the early 19th century. In addition to their hunting skills and intimidating physique, these kitties are also affectionate and can easily adapt to their environment, making them ideal household pets.


The Maine Coon Is The Largest Cat Breed In The World

Most Maine Coon cats weigh 11 to 18 pounds while some tip the scales at 25 pounds or more. They typically reach their full size until they’re 3 to 5 years old. Despite their imposing looks, these kitties are sweet and playful. Since they’re hardwired to hunt, you can ensure a rodent-free home with them around. If there are no mice for them to hunt, they’ll turn to chasing toys so they can exercise their innate hunting skills. Needless to say, you need to make sure they have adequate toys to play with.

What makes Maine Coon cats unique from other feline breeds is that they behave more like dogs than like cats. While most cats prefer to be on their own most of the times, Maine Coons basically hate being left alone. They would follow you around the house and stay by your side all the time because they always crave for your company and attention.

So, if you own one of these clingy kitties, expect not to have some privacy because they will be with you even when you go to the bathroom. And did we mention that they also enjoy playing fetch too? Just like dogs, these giant furballs will happily learn tricks like retrieving small balls and following commands.


Despite Their Imposing Physique, Maine Coon Cats Are Affectionate And Gentle As Pets

If you’re in need of your daily dose of Maine Coon cats cuteness then we recommend checking out and following these Instagram petfluencers.



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