You Can Get A Doorbell That Has An Animated Eyeball That Looks Around

Spook anyone who sets foot on your doorsteps with this creepy animated eyeball doorbell. It’s that time of the year again when everyone will be on guard so as to not fall victim to scary pranks. Well, guess what? You won’t even need to step out of your house to get your unsuspecting visitors or trick-or-treaters screaming in terror. You just wait until they’re standing right in front of your door and use the doorbell to give them the most disturbing shocker of all.

This Halloween, replace your friendly doorbell with this spooky doorbell that features an animated eyeball. Each time the doorbell push button is pressed, an eerie glowing green eyeball appears along with a loud sound to scare the life out of your visitors. As the creepy eye moves side to side, a loud creepy voice shall be heard saying ‘I see you. I’m watching you. I just see you. Please, come in’, accompanied by a spine-chilling background music.


Creepy Doorbell With Animated Eyeball

doorbell with animated eyeball

This battery-powered doorbell with animated eyeball features antique gold finish with spider accents to make an ideal Gothic-themed décor. It is made of durable plastic, which is lightweight and can be easily hung on the front door. You can place it either indoors or outdoors. If you’re using it outdoors, make sure that it is sheltered from rain or moisture. You can easily mount it to a wall but placing it on the front door is most recommended. And don’t forget to install those hidden cams to capture your visitor’s priceless reactions when they press the button.

halloween doorbell antique design


halloween doorbell scary prank


doorbell with animated eyeball scary prank

This awesome doorbell with animated eyeball comes with a battery included. It measures 7.9 inches tall, 7.2 inches wide, and 2.7 inches deep. One happy buyer wrote:

“Absolutely love this Halloween doorbell. The sound is loud and clear so it will be easily heard if mounted on a wall. The eye shines bright and the movement is fluid and smooth. A definite must have in Halloween décor for your ghouls and goblins!”

halloween doorbell battery powered


doorbell with animated eyeball loud sound

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