12 Drunk People Who Found Everyday Tasks Too Difficult

Ah, drunks. They can be so annoying, and loud, and sometimes even obnoxious. Yet when people get plastered they can also do some very funny things! Funny to everyone around them, that is. But, if they could see themselves from a sober point of view, they’d bound to be cringing! When intoxicated, an everyday task or activity can suddenly become the biggest challenge known to humankind. There may also be difficulties with eating, walking and knowing where it’s appropriate to sleep! Like the 14 hopeless drunks whose fails are pictured below! Take a look!


OMG… seriously?

Would you like some bun with that mustard?

Nearly there…

They tried!

Hey, is the air con on too high in here?

Oh, my…

Practicing some moves may lead to criminal damage!

Do you like your pizza crispy?

Never email whilst drunk…

Hubby came home with a new haircut and it screams out ‘drunk’!

Simply hilarious!

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