30 Cat Warning Signs Owners Had To Put Up For One Reason Or Another

Just like humans, we all know that animals can be jerks at times too. In fact, even your beloved pets are no exception either. But we could all probably agree that no other house pet can do it better (or worse) than cats. It’s no secret that felines are infamous for being indifferent, feisty and sly. Best of all? Mischievous cats are downright unapologetic for their bad behavior.

Even so, these negative attitudes are definitely not an excuse to love them any less. But apparently, some owners seemed to have finally grown tired of their pets’ antics. So, they’ve come up with a variety of hilarious signs to expose their sassy pets’ cunning ways.


“My Girlfriend’s Cat wasn’t too happy with the new sign I put up.”


“The neighbors needed to be warned.”


“This cat is not stuck”


“This cat was on a fruit market today (the sign says, ‘Don’t disturb the kitten, she’s not here to amuse the customers, she’s the boss’)”


“I was surprised to see a cat at the doctor’s waiting room. Then I noticed the sign.”


Cat owners have come up with hilarious signs to warn strangers about their deceptive and mischievous cats

From pretending to be poorly-fed to snag some extra treats to dramatically screaming to avoid trips to the vet, these felines certainly know how to tug at people’s heartstrings. But as adorable and pitiful as these kittens may seem, their hoomans sternly warn the public to not fall for their tricks. Keep scrolling down to learn more about these sly felines’ traps!


“Don’t let her fool you”


“Witnessed an extremely powerful creature today”


“My mother asked me to run her country garage sale for a while. A sign became necessary due to his misleadingly cuddly appearance.”


“I forgot the best bit of my walk today: this cat whose owners are fed up”


“Cats are so shady”

Felines are essentially curious creatures. And the fact that they’re predatory in nature contributes to their desire to constantly go outdoors. Of course, it’s generally safer to keep them indoors. However, there’s also no problem in allowing them outdoor access, as long as it’s supervised.


“Saw a cat that I thought was lost in a nearby park”


“The animal shelter sign wasn’t lying…”


“My favorite bookstore has a cat. They now have a sign for the cat.”


“You’ve been warned.”


“That sounds like the opposite of a problem.”


From pretending to be hungry to score some extra treats to acting like they’ve been locked out of the house, their owners have finally exposed these felines’ sneaky tactics


“I see these cats every day on my way to the bus stop. Today this sign appeared…”


“A story of a cat in three pictures”


“Same energy”


“I was just about to feed them when I looked up and saw this sign from my housemate”


“Beware of cat”

According to certified cat behavior consultant Ingrid Johnson, it’s actually possible to train them to use a leash or harness. You may also simply use a stroller to take your furry friend for a walk. Johnson also suggests “catifying” your home to meet the needs of your pet. For instance, you can install a screen on your porch or even build a catio. “Bringing the outdoors in” is another tip that the expert recommends.


“Grow cat grass, bring in dried leaves, snow, branches, pinecones, allow them to experience the seasons and the sights and scents of the outdoors in a positive way.”


This sign applies to many people


“My local Publix has a cat that hangs out in the parking lot that has been named Moose. The store bought him his very own sign to make drivers aware of him”

You may also check out her website Fundamentally Feline for tips on how to deal with your feline’s various behaviors. In the meantime, keep scrolling down to find out how these mischievous cats are pulling off their deceptive practices!


“This cat is not lost, he’s just awesome”


“The sign says, ‘Attention. Cat’s sleeping. Do not disturb!'”


“‘Missing’ cat sign near Yonge and Eglinton”


These funny signs will definitely make you think twice about interacting with the seemingly cuddly cat in your neighborhood!


“Don’t feed her.”


“Staying at my friend’s and their cat wrote me a note.”


“Beware! Guard cat on duty.”


“My cats like to lay in the toilet water. So, I made a sign reminding my roommates to put the toilet lid down. Of course I had to paint to the likeness of each cat. The paw prints are spotted because of my first cat (bottom left).”


“I saw this in Brighton a few years back.”


“This amazing sign on a village hall I visited recently! Found it rather hilarious.”


“I love how he sleeps right below that sign”


The local cat-with-sign in Cambridge is on drugs (but still friendly!)


“Check for cat arm before closing”



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So, what can you say about these hilarious warning signs? Have you ever encountered one as you go about your daily life? More importantly, have you ever fallen for a mischievous cat’s ploy? Let us know your stories in the comments section below!