Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Are Im-Paw-Sible Not To Laugh At

Life has somewhat changed since the photo and video app ‘Snapchat’ was invented. Neither taking photos nor videoing were new technologies, however, the aspect of visual storytelling and sharing directly with all friends and family at once was (and is) pretty cool. Unfortunately, a lot of what you see on there is boring junk. But, some people, particularly those with pets, bring some excellent and pleasurable viewing to the table. Here we have a list of hilarious cat snapchats that you will love! Take a look!   

The bear looks like it has no clue what’s going on! 

We all need to be reminded of our downfalls every now and again! 

All cat owners can relate to this struggle…

They need to swap fur for this to be accurate! 

Simple and highly effective. Just don’t forget that they are there and end up stepping on them unless you enjoy pain! 

That lamp is pretty mesmerizing. The longer you look at it, the more you are hooked in.  

When you miss the meeting memo and your boss is not happy… 

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Kitty does NOT like magnifying glass. Noted. 

There are many adventures awaiting! 

How could you ever say no to that face?

This cat is more loyal than many humans that we know. 

This cat must be trying to hatch an evil plan… 

The shame, the guilt, the fear! This photo is great. 

This looks awfully uncomfortable! But there’s no way that this cat is breaking their cover.