18 Awesome Images Showing Amusing Pet Portraits Based On Personality That You Will Want Done For Your Own Pet

Every single pet has a unique personality. Whether they be shy or outgoing, lazy or energetic, there often isn’t a simple way of summing up our much loved animals. But, one person who lets people have a good crack at it is Chris Beetow. Chris has a huge talent for creating awesome animal portraits that are based on descriptions from their owners! We think this is a brilliant idea and we hope to see more of his work in the future. Take a look and don’t forget to check out Chris’ Facebook page via the link below!
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Cody ‘The fastest deckhand on the 7 seas’

Cheeto ‘The most interesting cat in the world’

Bellah ‘The sneaky one’

Mr. Puddy ‘Sophisticated and forever hungry’

Winston ‘Is always plotting’

Tony is ‘Mr. Cool’ and Torque is ‘always hungry’

Luka ‘The mountain werewolf man’

Linus ‘All pro stick fetcher’

Smithers ‘Trying to change his life and not be such a fradie cat’

Baby Man ‘Lives in Cali but his soul is all Bronx’

Sammi ‘Food obsessed and always dirty’

King ‘The most flamboyant of all cats’

Kida ‘One in a million, utterly bonkers’

Pinky ‘Who doesn’t like anybody’

Henry ‘Fails at all diets’

Polly ‘Loves playing in the snow’

Oliver ‘The laziest cat on the planet’

Crux ‘He is always causing trouble’