These Naughty Campfire Roasting Sticks Are A Great Way To Spice Up Any Adult Campfire

Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire is a great way to bond with your kids. But the fun stops when the kids are gone to bed. Well, not anymore because these naughty campfire roasting sticks will keep the fun time rolling. In fact, real fun starts when the kids finally hit the sack.  With no kids around, you finally have the chance to bring up some adult-themed conversations. More importantly, that’s the perfect time to bring out these naughty campfire roasting sticks.

naughty campfire roasting sticks hotdog marshmallows

These hilarious roasting sticks will surely crack everyone up with their mischievous design. It comes in two versions – a man-shaped stick and a woman-shaped stick. The man roasting stick has a large pin on front of him where the hotdog can be attached to look like his wiener. On the other hand, the female roasting stick has two pins on her chest. You already what happens when you stick two marshmallows into those parts, right?

naughty campfire roasting sticks stainless steel


man-shaped version


woman-shaped version

These naughty campfire roasting sticks are 25 inches long and are made from brushed food grade stainless steel. Furthermore, each steel stick is cut by a precision laser to achieve accurate details. It has a varnished wooden handle for easy grip. And it also comes with corks on sharp edges to avoid accidental injuries.

naughty campfire roasting sticks wooden handle

Bring laughs to your next campfire with these naughty campfire roasting sticks. But make sure to keep these away from your kids’ sight or they’ll certainly get the wrong idea. These funny roasting sticks come in a set of two (man and woman versions) and you can get them here and here. Perfect for any outdoor event with a campfire. Simply apply a little cooking oil on the steel to keep it from rusting. Ditch your ordinary roasting sticks and forks and make campfire conversation more fun with these hilarious alternatives. The set can also make a great gag gift to your friends who thought they’ve seen it all. A happy customer wrote:

“Got the laugh I was looking for. My husband is hard to buy for, let alone surprise. These made for a great Father’s Day gift he wasn’t expecting.”

naughty campfire roasting stick man hotdog


naughty campfire roasting stick woman marshmallows


naughty campfire roasting sticks

Get them here and here.

Source: Amazon | SMFX | 805 Metal Craft