Parents Who Have Nailed Having A Great Sense Of Humor

We all know a mom or dad who thinks she or he is the funniest. You know the type, always telling jokes and playing tricks on their long-suffering children. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to know someone like this, you’ll know that the struggle is real. Perhaps you are one of these parents yourself? Whichever side you’re on, take a look at these amusing parent jokes and enjoy. While some of these will give you a chuckle, others are just a little close to the bone! 

A great idea!

Gee. Thanks for letting us know!

Why dad? Why?

Is that an icicle you’re waving dad?

Just our luck!

This is just cruel.

They think they’re playing a game but their controllers aren’t even plugged in!

Cool mom / son selfie trading!

Help! The machines are taking over!

This dad doesn’t seem to have much confidence in his daughter’s ability to drive!

Now, this is a cool dad!

He’ll get such a fright when he wakes up!

Mom knows best!

Looks like dad got his own back!