Gothic Crocs Are A Metal Heads Best Friend

Without a doubt, 2019 is the year of the Crocs. We’ve seen several brands coming up with their own Crocs-inspired product lines. There are the Crocs-inspired bridal shoes and Crocs-inspired handbags to name a few. Seems like this iconic clog shoes brand keeps on inspiring other designers left and right. Well, guess what? Another Crocs–inspired innovation is here to give the signature clog shoes a touch of metal style. Etsy seller HeavyCreamStore creates Gothic Crocs that will surely bring out the inner metal head in you.

goth crocs

The unisex Gothic Crocs features the black Crocs, hand-modified by adding spikes and chains to achieve a more ‘badass’ look. The punk spikes are nickel plated and the chains are made of stainless steel. Retailing at $155 per pair, these spiky Goth Crocs will make you an instant head-turner wherever you go. Getting punky has never been this fashionable and comfortable.

Goth Crocs are hand-modified black Crocs with nickel-plated spikes and stainless steel chains

goth crocs heavycreamstore etsy


spiked crocs etsy


black spiked goth crocs


black goth crocs etsy


goth crocs spikes chain

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Source: Etsy | HeavyCreamStore