Hair Tips And Tricks You Need To Know


Hair is your crowning glory and it’s fair to say that we all want ours to look as good as it possibly can. With a few little changes to your daily routine, you’d be surprised at how much better your hair can look, feel and be. So for those who wash their hair every day or who are addicted to their flat-irons, we’ve got some news for you! To find out how you can avoid 14 of the most common hair mistakes around, take a look below!


To keep your hair looking good and feeling healthy, always use the correct shampoo for your particular hair type!


Wearing your hair in a ponytail is a great way to disguise a bad hair day!


Use a moisture lock spray to hold moisture in your hair for as long as possible.


Using thin layers of conditioner is far better than using one thick one. Your hair will absorb the product far better if you apply it little by little!


To control frizzy, dry hair, run a wet comb through it every day.


Don’t wash your hair every day as this will make it dry and brittle and will strip it of its natural oils!


Use a natural bristle brush rather than a plastic one when brushing your hair.


To avoid putting stress on your hair, always comb it from the bottom in sections rather than from the roots.


If your hair is particularly damaged, apply a little watered down conditioner between washes to keep it looking good.


Get regular trims to ensure your hair looks picture perfect at all times!


Try not to detangle your hair when it’s wet as this can damage it.


Using flat irons every day will dry out and damage your hair. Be sure to use heat-protection products and deep-conditioning treatments regularly!


Using a wide-tooth comb is far better than using a damaging brush for detangling!


Wear your hair in gentle hair elastics, rather than potentially damaging barrettes, to stop your hair from getting damaged.

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