This Coloring Book Celebrates Nature With Beautifully Hand-Drawn Golden Ratio Illustrations

It’s impossible to describe the beauty of nature in one word. But for Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo, mathematics can define nature’s beauty in one symbol, and that is ‘phi’. This Greek letter is commonly used in mathematics to represent the Golden Ratio with a value of 1.618. So, what does phi has to do with the beauty of nature? Most of us are unaware that the golden ratio appears in some patterns in natural objects. These objects include the arrangement of leaves, spirals in sea shells, butterfly wings patterns, crystal formations, and many more. Of course, it’s hard for most of us to discern these proportions. That is why Araujo created his Golden Ratio illustrations, his series of hand drawings demonstrating the harmonic proportions of nature.

golden ratio illustrations chambered nautilus shell
Chambered nautilus shell

Araujo’s drawings were carefully calculated and rendered with precision by using technical tools such as pencil, ruler, compass, and protractor. The artist believes that understanding the properties of golden ratio also helps us understand the works of nature. Hence, making us appreciate the real beauty behind every natural object around us. Each illustration depicts nature in the form of geometrical patterns, along with construction lines to highlight the mathematical framework.

golden ratio illustrations Fibonacci sequence shell
Fibonacci sequence shell

More importantly, the Golden Ratio illustrations are compiled into a coloring book in order to reconnect people with nature. The coloring book does not only open our eyes to nature’s relation to mathematics. But it also rekindles our artistic side by allowing us to apply colors on nature-inspired figures. Araujo posted the Golden Ratio Coloring Book project on Kickstarter and it eventually gained over 8,000 backers. On July 2016, the adult coloring book was finally made available.

golden ratio illustrations fibonacci sequence spiral
The Fibonacci Sequence


golden ratio illustrations blue morpho sequence
Blue Morpho Sequence


golden ratio illustrations blue morpho double helix
Blue Morpho, Double Helix


golden ratio illustrations danaus plexippus mirror
Danaus Plexippus, mirror


golden ratio illustrations phoebis triple helix
Phoebis, Triple Helix


golden ratio illustrations butterfly infinite sequence
Butterfly infinite sequence


golden ratio illustrations diaethrea sequence
Diaethrea Sequence


golden ratio illustrations dna butterflies double helix
DNA Butterflies Double Helix

Araujo’s hand-drawn Golden Ratio illustrations in a coloring book

golden ratio illustrations coloring book


golden ratio illustrations coloring book back cover


golden ratio coloring book chambered nautilus shell


golden ratio coloring book butterfly sequence mirror

Venezuelan illustrator Rafael Araujo hand-draws each illustration included in the Golden Ratio Coloring Book

rafael araujo golden ratio illustrations

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Source: Rafael Araujo | Kickstarter