Australians Turn “Taking The Bin Out” Into A Special Occasion

Stay-at-home orders and quarantine policies are in effect in almost every part of the world now. As such, people can only leave their homes to attend to essential matters. These primarily include grocery runs, trips to the pharmacy and of course, garbage day. Apparently, people in Australia are now considering the latter a special occasion. And they’re celebrating it by dressing up in their best attire. In fact, there’s even a Facebook group called Bin Isolation Outing where they flaunt their finest “bin day” fashion.

Created by Danielle Askew from Queensland, the group boasts over 800K members to date. According to Askew, the idea began when she dared a friend to glam up as she took the bin out.

“My friend put a meme on her Facebook page ‘Day 6 of isolation excited it’s bin night so I get to go out.’ I dared her to dress up for it and she said she would.”

Amazed by the result, Askew went on and created a Facebook group dedicated to the special day. Soon after, more people joined to share their fancy bin day outfits. Even Askew admitted that she didn’t expect the group to go viral. Nonetheless, she’s happy that the group is somehow able to spread some cheer to people during these difficult times.

“I’m amazed at how it has gone viral. I feel people just need a reason to smile, a reason to dress up and a reason to look forward to the next day.”

Askew also revealed how the pandemic has affected her active social life.

“The pandemic changed my very social life to staying home, no social coffees at the cafe, no eating out at fabulous local restaurants, no going out to celebrate my birthday next week!”


Australians are flaunting their fancy bin day outfits via the Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group


“This was not my greatest life choice”

“Cruella de Bin, who let the bins out!!!”

“Not putting her bin out but drove past the Grand Lady Nora yesterday, waving at people who travelith pastith her kingdom in chilcotts grass”

“Taking Trump out with the rubbish on a rainy day in Kellyville NSW”


“So it turns out my disguise is ruined cause I forgot to remove my glasses”


“My parents have bin married for 50 years and celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversay today. Due to number restrictions, their renewal of vows was only witnessed by the Best Bin and Bin of Honour”


“Bin talking politics”


“Mum (aka Carl) taking out the bins in Gympie”

“Spotted our Maude Boate putting out her bin. Someone didn’t recycle properly.”

Bin Day, But Make It Fashion

In addition to managing the Bin Isolation Outing group, Askew is doing “old school crafts such as crocheting” to keep her occupied. Keep scrolling down to see more of the group members’ hilarious outfits when taking their bins out!


From dinosaur costumes to pop culture icon-inspired outfits, it’s evident that Australians miss dressing up big time


“Binasaraus Logan City, QLD”

“Putting the bin out before having an old friend for dinner”


“Even us superheroes have to take the bins out”

“bin-ger licking good”


Suiting up for Garbage Day

“Maleficent taking out the bins”

“Thank you Bonnie A Zuidland, for a bit of fun.”

“You float too…….from Kilkivan, Qld”

“I have waited all week for this!! FINALLY MY TIME TO SHINE.”


“Roy is all dressed up to take the bin out”

“was… not expecting that….”

“Seen…… Joe Exotic just taking the bin out. And watching out for Carole F*cking Baskin.”

“Our little Lego taking the bin out!”

“Jigsaw in Hervey Bay, Queensland”

“So i took the bin out..didn’t go so well. Told me I’m not not what he’s bin looking for. So I told him he was full of rubbish!”


“Even superheroes have chores”


“Oh gosh this was so much fun. Haven’t laughed so hard in ages!”


“Can’t go riding…improvise”


“So it’s bin a while since I’ve bin on an outting. Thought I would get glammed up for the Sunday sesh.”

“It’s bin a busy week. Many people wheelie not following the new COVID-19 rules. Guess it’s time to take out the trash!”

Source: Facebook