Adorable Photos Showing The Friendship Between Babies and Dogs

Most dog owners consider their dog to be their first child. But when a real baby arrives, how can you make them get along? These adorable photos prove it can be done! There’s no reason to get rid of your pet dog for the sake of your baby. Some people underestimate the companion-ability of dogs. While we understand that a baby’s safety should come first, we should also consider introducing your dog to your baby. Dogs have a friendly nature and they form an unyielding attachment to their owners. Making them familiar with each other allows both of them to form a bond of friendship. And what happens when this friendship clicks? Expect some cuteness overload as seen from these adorable photos showing the friendship between babies and dogs.



Let me seal our friendship with a kiss.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Who needs a soft couch when you have a reliable dog to lean on?

The new breed of Justice League is here to save the day!

All fancy costumes set and…. say cheese!

A real friend will cover-up for you when you need the most. Like when you want to suck your thumb and you don’t want anyone else to see you doing it.

Sssshhh… don’t make any noise. My baby is sleeping.

Unbreakable bonds between baby and dog



Kids love the warmth and softness of dogs. They’re the best of friends!

Their first meeting went smoother than expected.

This baby teaches (or perhaps, forces) the dog to smile for the camera.

The happiness on the baby’s face shows how he cherished his best friend.

Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or to sleep on.

What do Shar-Pei and baby have in common? They’re both irresistibly sweet and this picture is cuteness overload.

Dogs are good listeners. You can share secrets with them and they’ll keep it for the rest of their lives.

Best friends always have the same preference. They even like the same pose.

Every moment is a happy moment when babies and dogs live together.