Hilarious Things That You’d Only See On Tinder – Part 1


No longer is online dating the staple of shy and awkward folks who can’t work up the courage to ask someone out in the real world. It’s now so popular and commonplace that everyone from high schoolers to grandparents are using dating websites or apps like Tinder. Although Tinder is becoming a bit more legit for those looking for long term relationships, it was originally more commonly used for hook ups and so you get people using super cheesy lines or being overly forward. Here are twelve funny things that you’d only see on Tinder. Take a look!



That’s a fair assumption!


No, really. Tell us.


If someone doesn’t appreciate your jokes then you could do better!


Like that, is it?


Yeah, it kind of is racist.


Swamp Donkey wins again.


That’s a little bit genius.


We definitely agree with that last part,


This is pretty hilarious.


Probably, eh?


Sometimes you’ve got to play the long game.


Some people might get bored of jokes about their name, but we guess if it’s good, it’s good.

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