Giant Letter-Shaped Planters Bring A Stylish Twist To Your Garden

Make the boldest statement right at your front entrance with these giant letter shaped planters. These wall-mounted letter planters are handcrafted from wood. You can have either the first letter of your name or your surname placed in your front entrance, garden or backyard. And when the entire planter is filled with your favorite plants, it becomes a striking ornament.

These pre-made letter shaped planters are offered by Etsy shop KnottyKraftsMN. Each planter is made of cedar which is naturally rot-resistant so you can ensure that it will last for years. Choose from letters A to Z and the shop will do the rest. The stunning planter measures about 4 feet high and 2.5 feet wide. But take note that the width may vary depending on the letter. Obviously, the letter ‘W’ would be much wider than the letter ‘I’. And it also goes without saying that more complex planters would set you back more than the simpler ones.


Giant Letter Shaped Planters

giant letter shaped planters k

These planters feature rows that you can fill with flowers or any plants of your choice. The giant wooden letters come unpainted. But you can opt to have it painted for an additional charge. Also take note that this planter doesn’t come with a mounting hardware. So, you’ll need figure out how to mount it to your preferred location by yourself.

giant letter shaped planters


giant planter made from cedarwood row details


giant wooden planter k


giant letter shaped planters a


cedar wood planter with rows


giant letter shaped planters m

If the giant planters are too large for you, we’ve found another shop that offers smaller versions of this planter. Etsy shop KileensGardenBoutiqu is offering wooden monograms measuring only 20 inches (1.6 feet) high. These smaller planters are made from urban redwood and cedar. But unlike the previous item, this one doesn’t come with rows. Instead, each letter serves as a vertical frame where you can directly place the plant, preferably succulents.


Vertical Frame Wooden Monograms

wooden monograms vertical frames


wooden monograms vertical planter f


letter shaped planters 20 inches

Furthermore, these vertical frame monograms have a built-in drainage at the back of the frame. This allows you to water the plants without trapping the water inside. Additionally, it includes a wire hanger attached to the planter for your convenience. Now here’s the good part – you have five options to choose from.

letter shaped planters succulents

First, you can order the empty planter so you’ll just have to plant the succulents and the moss yourself once it arrives. Second, you can opt to add decorative moss to the vertical frame. Third, you can choose the DIY kit that includes the planter, moss, rooted succulents and sedums. Take note that these pieces come separately and you’ll need to put them altogether. But don’t worry because the kit also includes care and planting instructions.

redwood and cedar monograms succulent frames

The fourth option allows you to get the planter with moss and succulents already planted on it. You can instantly put it into display straight out of the box. It also includes care instructions to help you take good care of your succulents. And the last option offers faux succulents and moss (instead of the real ones) already attached to the planter. Since the plants are fake, no maintenance is required from your part. Just hang it on your preferred spot and enjoy it for eternity.

letter shaped planters h


decorative succulent monograms


letter shaped planters vertical frames

Get the giant planters here and the vertical frames here.

Source: Etsy | KnottyKraftsMN | KileensGardenBoutiqu