Crazy Secrets People Discovered On Their Birth Certificates

A birth certificate is an important document that we should all have. However, it’s surprising how many people have never even laid eyes upon theirs. Most people tend to need their birth certificate for something later on in life so end up digging it out. Unfortunately, the document can reveal things about yourself you may rather not have known, or would have wanted to have known a hell of a lot sooner. Here we have some first hand accounts of crazy secrets people discovered on their birth certificates. There’s some really shocking stuff to handle here! Take a look!
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Crazy Secrets People Discovered On Their Birth Certificates

How can people get something like this so wrong?

This poses a lot of questions. 

That is going to be one intense family conversation. 

What would you do in this situation? Celebrate the real day or stick to what you’ve been doing over the past 14 years?

Good riddance! 

That’s a lot to take in at any age, let alone 14. 

Sometimes we don’t always find what we were hoping for. 

We can see why this would be hard to deal with. 

This is awful. This makes getting closure so much harder. 

This has got to be super hurtful but grieving people handle things in different ways. 

Wow! What a shock. 

Another shocking one… 

That’s got to be really scary to realize you’ve lost two years somewhere! 

What an emotional roller coaster. We hope this person found some answers. 

Maybe this person could just legally change their name to the spelling that they like.