Baskin-Robbins’ Surprise Party Flavor Has Swirls Of Cake Batter And Buttercream Ice Creams Combined

We can all probably agree that the first day of the month always feels like a fresh start. But more importantly, it also marks the release date of Baskin-Robbins’ Flavor of the Month. Our favorite ice cream brand has recently kicked off Pride Month with a lovely, colorful treat worthy of its name. Ice cream and cake aficionados, say hello to Surprise Party!

As the name suggests, you might have already guessed that it’s yet another cake-flavored treat. Well, it’s cake batter-flavored, to be exact. This frozen dessert features delightful swirls of pink and blue cake batter-flavored ice cream and yellow buttercream-flavored ice cream. So, it’s basically like your favorite birthday cake—with icing on top—in the form of a delectable frozen treat! Who says it’s impossible to enjoy the best of both worlds?

Baskin-Robbins Flavor of the Month June 2020 Surprise Party
Baskin-Robbins Canada


Baskin-Robbins Surprise Party Cone
B-R Canada

Apparently, this is not BR’s first attempt to concoct a cake-flavored ice cream. In fact, it’s already got a few notable flavors inspired by the decadent dessert on its menu. These include German Chocolate Cake, Icing on the Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake. On top of that, the brand is also famous for its wide variety of scrumptious cakes. So, we can be certain that Surprise Party will not disappoint our taste buds.

Snack reviewer @snackgator was among the first to try the tri-colored ice cream. In an Instagram post, the user noted, “It’s sweet, fun and tastes exactly as you might imagine.” Well, however you perceive a “surprise party,” one thing’s for sure, it never fails to bring some cheer. So, we’re betting that this flavor would be no different.

Keep in mind that this flavor of the month will only be around until the end of June, obviously. That said, you only have about two weeks to give it a try! So, be sure to head over to your nearest BR location both in the US and Canada whenever you get the chance!

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